Sound Knowledge of Afghanistan’s
Terrain & Situation

Sound Knowledge of Afghanistan’s Terrain & Situation

GKS is well aware of Afghanistan situation since It presently operates all over the country. We are present in all provinces of Afghanistan and have established four strategic operational zones throughout the territory: east (Jalalabad), north (Mazar), west (Herat) and south (Kandahar).We also have a Central Information and Intelligence Centre (CIIC) which is in contact with all supervisors of provinces and managers of the zones.

This contact is 24 hours 7 days a week. Our countrywide operations and secret services make us capable of working and providing security services in all regions of Afghanistan. We are equally knowledgeable on the security challenges in the remote areas of Afghanistan notably thanks to the respectful, cooperative relationships we have developed with a large network of community leaders including village elders, district administrators and other influential community members.