Dedicated To Your Safety


Good Knight Security (GKS) is currently the only registered and licensed private security company operating in Afghanistan since 2005.

Our mission is to provide a secure environment for embassies, corporations, NGO’s, and governmental agencies working together towards a sustainable, safer and brighter tomorrow in Afghanistan.

Member of the Afghan Private Security Union and Private Security Companies Association of Afghanistan, duly registered and licensed with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency and Ministry of Interior, the reputation of our security services has been well laid and recognised for its high standards of quality, reliability, professionalism, efficiency and countrywide capabilities.

We are further licensed and qualified by virtue of the successful large scale and high intensity operations we have proudly conducted over the last decade.

GKS was of the original 39 companies to receive a security license from the Ministry of Interior and have been successful ever since in sustaining Afghanistan, serving and protecting a wide range of clients from civilians to military bases. We currently serve national and international companies and organisations providing protective services throughout the whole country and continue to employ locally honouring our commitment to create a prosperous future for the people of Afghanistan.